3CX WebMeeting is an easy to use web conferencing tool which is available integrated in 3CX Phone System as well as on-premise or hosted. By utilizing WebRTC technology, 3CX WebMeeting makes online meetings hassle-free as there’s no need to download any clients or plugins in order to join a meeting. With this latest update you will be able to easily share PDFs with other online meeting participants as well as manage your connection “cleverly” in the case of a low bandwidth connection.

This update includes:

  • Improvements to the “Share PDF” function.
  • Improvements to the “Remote Assistance” module.
  • Improvements to the “Share Screen” function.
  • Chat can now be displayed in other languages other than English.
  • Introduced clever connection management for users with low bandwidth connections.
  • Improved conference recording function. Recordings are now at least twice as small than before.